Certification for Digital Marketing Training

Certification for Digital Marketing Training

Certification for Digital Marketing Training


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Digital marketing is the most exciting game in the world right now. Accessible to everyone, empowering everyone. Get started with one of our game-changing training courses and certifications.

Certification for digital marketing and sales professionals
You’ve already got some skills. And vision. Maybe you want to turbo-charge your career. Or set off on a fresh adventure. Around here, one size does not fit all.

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional
30 Hours Online

Flexible Learning

This comprehensive digital marketing course, delivered 100% online, teaches key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Learn Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Google Analytics, mobile marketing and much moreThe Global Standard in
Digital Marketing Training
Whether you’re a beginner, business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill, the DMI PRO digital marketing certification is perfect for you to become a global digital marketer.

Program learning outcomes and content
You will be armed with the know-how, the experience and the insights to be able to work and speak with authority in this fast-paced industry. In short, you’ll be a skilled digital marketing professional, capable of building a strategic digital campaign from scratch. We also expect our graduates to be able to build on their skills after graduation, as they’ll have the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
Display and Video Advertising
Email Marketing
Website Optimization
Analytics with Google Analytics
Digital Marketing Strategy
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module Info & Overview
How is digital marketing defined in the current market? What’s the best way to get in front of potential customers? How can you create a campaign that combines the best of traditional and digital marketing? How do you distinguish from inbound and outbound marketing?

In this module, you’ll master the fundamentals. You will learn how to navigate the buyer’s journey. And you will acquire actionable, practical information.

Principles of Digital Marketing
Developing Objectives
Connecting with the Customer
Digital Research
Cultural Research