UX Design With Parsons

UX Design With Parsons

UX Design With Parsons


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UX Design

With Parsons

A step by step guide to UX design


Identify the needs and goals of your users
Master UX global best practices
Undertake usability testing
Utilise the UX process, tools and deliverables


Anyone building a website or app
Digital Marketers
Business leaders & Entrepreneurs
Anyone looking for an essential guide to UX
People looking to sharpen your UX Skillset

In the digital age, UX design is crucial.

If your website or app works well and gives your customers a pleasant experience, they will return for more.

If it doesn’t, they will quickly switch to a competitor’s product.

It’s easy to assume that your product is important to your customer, but, in reality, it’s a tiny part of their day.

That’s why the goal of UX design is to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for someone to do the thing they want to do on your site or using your app.

It involves a wide range of skills from understanding human behaviour to empathic design, from carrying out detailed research to crafting good copy and lots more.

In this course, you’ll learn to think like a designer and discover actionable tips on how to best carry out each stage of the UX design process.

Each chapter will introduce you to the relevant key concepts, best practices, and guidelines.

And at the end of each chapter, we’ll summarise the key points in a section called “The TakeAway”

This course will make sure your UX doesn’t end up becoming a Useless Experience!

Your journey to become a UX designer starts now.