White Hat SEO Course

White Hat SEO Course

White Hat SEO Course


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White Hat SEO Course

White Hat SEO
White hat is the new black hat! Google penalties and updates have destroyed countless businesses and severely impacted thousands of others. Playing within the Google Guidelines greatly reduces your exposure to a traffic ‘landslide’. In this course you will learn about the Google rule Kyle had written for him, what is and what is not ‘white hat SEO’ and Kyles recommendations on how to stay within the guidelines while still doing effective SEO. Yes, it’s possible!

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Some Course Modules
Module 1: What is White Hat SEO?
Module 2: SEO Avalanche Theory
Module 3: Site Strategy and KPIs
Module 4: External Signals
Module 5: Brand SEO
Module 6: Final Thoughts & Implementation

Kyle has been running tests on Google’s algorithm for 5 years which now totals over 400 tests. From these tests it’s fair to say Kyle has learnt a thing or two about the inner workings of the algorithm.


One of the key takeaways from Kyle’s tests has been his discovery into what are and are not the most important on page factors which influence rank. This led him to develop The Scientific On Page method which is a 100% White Hat counting system for on page optimisation, and an on page SEO optimization tool PageOptimizer Pro.


His agency, High Voltage SEO, is one of the leading White Hat SEO agencies in the world. It specializes in science based SEO strategies to grow businesses through organic traffic acquisition.


Based on the findings of the tests, Kyle created a framework called the Five Pillar SEO Method. Using this method High Voltage SEO has worked with over 250 companies worldwide including Yellow Pages, Medela, Erie, Intersport, Freshbooks, Aviva and National Car Rental to steadily grow their Google traffic in a predictable, robust and risk free manner.