How to Find Instagram Influencers

How to Find Instagram Influencers
It’s hard to believe Instagram started in 2010. It has turned into a marketing powerhouse.

There are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, and more than half of them use the platform every day. US businesses also love the social channel, and about 71% use it to connect with their market.

While Instagram isn’t the biggest social media platform (that spot belongs to Facebook), it’s still the most impactful influencer marketing channel.

There’s just no denying the power of Instagram in this social media age.

As the site continues to grow exponentially, businesses and brands everywhere are also leveraging the social network by working with Instagram influencers.

So, how do you go about finding the best Instagram influencers for your marketing campaigns?

Why You Need Instagram Influencers
To appreciate how powerful Instagram is, you first need to understand what engagement rates are and what they mean for your marketing campaigns.

Engagement rates refer to the number of likes, comments, and shares an influencer gets when posting content online. It turns out Instagram has the highest engagement rates of any social network.

SproutSocial found Instagram influencers receive an average engagement rate of 1.6 percent, while Rival IQ discovered Facebook considerably lags at an average engagement rate of 0.09 percent.

Higher engagement rates mean that when you work with influencers on Instagram, their followers will more interact notice content than on Facebook.

People Learn About New Brands From Instagram
Another eye-opening statistic is how influential the platform is in helping people learn about new brands.

For instance, 60% of Instagram users say they learn about new products on the social network.