1st In SEO


1st In SEO is a small company that was founded to provide small and mid sized businesses Search Engine Optimization and a full range of Internet Marketing tools that typically only large companies can afford. Prior to starting 1st In SEO, I founded, owned and sold several successful businesses. Finding an Internet Marketing firm that could build websites, that where affordable and top tier, as well as get my website’s ranked organically, at prices I could afford, became an obsession. There are lots of great firms out there, but none that truly make it possible for smaller companies to compete against and beat the big guys. Because I could not find one company to provide every thing I wanted at a price I could afford, I was forced to farm out different parts of my Internet Marketing needs to several different firms. To be able to afford all the required components of a competitive Internet Marketing campaign I had to do much of the work myself. This experience taught me three things. One, I am really good at getting websites on the first page of a Google search. Two, there is no one out there proving the level of comprehensive Internet Marketing and SEO that I demand for my own companies at prices a small business can afford. And three, I love this stuff more than any other business I have been in. So, I started my own Internet Marketing, Web Design and SEO firm. 1st In SEO provides entire Internet Marketing solutions. Our websites are cutting edge in every way. We do not offer an entry level website. All of our websites are at least 10 pages, responsive, come with an SSL certificate, multiple email accounts and are hosted on lighting fast HTTP/2 servers. All of our SEO packages include Local SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Management. The services we provide are explained in detail through our website.