Austin K.


Are you looking to create a trendy digital product that is intended for meeting your profit targets? If so, you have come to the right place!

My name’s Austin, during the last 6 years I enjoy building enterprise-grade digital products for companies that are making a difference (SaaS products, CRM Systems, Dashboards, Operations Tools, Databases, high-end websites)

Together with my team of full-stack engineers, I’m able to help with your ongoing project or handle everything from product ideation to development, maintenance and ultimately client acquisition.

Here are some of my company’s TOP achievements:

— Built Products for 40+ companies (Ecommerce, SaaS, PaaS, B2B). Everything from startups to large 9-10 figure businesses.
— Delivered MVP Products That Helped Entrepreneurs Raise 42MM In Investments
— Visualize Data consisting of 8,000,000 Datapoints
— Saved Companies 209384 Hours By Building Products That Automate Manual Tasks

Some samples of our clients’ results:

Lead generation improved: Devised website architecture helped to generate the first 100 leads without any paid advertising

– Brand recognition: Updated digital image of our client has helped to attract the likes of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Accenture

– Conversion increment: Shopify Web design converted at 4.44% which is in the top 20% of the eCommerce industry.

Optimizing of the mobile app’s power consumption: implementation of a background location tracking SDK 90% more battery efficient than leading solutions such as foursquare

– Increased overall yield: scaling to 10MM+ users, billions daily requests, and 300k monthly gross revenue through the platform

Programming languages we use:
– Javascript
– Python
– Java
– Objective-C
– C#, C++, C

Technologies & tools:
– AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud (Cloud)
– Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma (Design)
Shopify, WordPress (Web development)
– Elasticsearch, MongoDB (Database)

My team and I possess the following contributions & qualifications:
– Official Elasticsearch Contributors
– Official Mailgun Contributors
– Top-Ranked Zapier Certified Expert
– Top-Ranked Integromat Partners
– #1 Freshworks Solutions Partner
Digital Marketing Certified Specialists

Advantages & guarantees:
– Clean code and strong project management that help to remain within the project budget (98% positive client reviews)
– 95% chance of meeting the deadline when all requirements are provided
– Providing 3 months of free warranty package (bug fixing) after the release of the project

Feel free to contact me and let’s boost your project together!