Experienced Training, Development & Quality Management Head

Experienced Training, Development & Quality Management Head

Experienced Training, Development & Quality Management Head


Freelance Online Administrative Assistant (January 2019 – Present)
(Part-Time and Project-Based Assignments)
– Reporting Analyst/Digital Specialist for a Publications/Marketing Company (US)
– Lead Virtual Assistant for an Online/Digital Marketing Company (US)
– Virtual Assistant – Lead Generation for a Mergers & Acquisitions Company (UK)
– Lead Generation Partner for a Lead Gen Org for Home & Auto Insurance (US)

Tasks Summary:
– Data Entry, Data Research, Scraping and Extraction
– Subscription Databases & Online Free Sources (Websites, Articles, Forums, etc.)
– MS Excel & Google Sheet Reporting, Project Results Analysis
– Email Marketing, and LinkedIn Marketing, Sales Navigator Use
– Campaign Performance Reporting, Data Management and Presentation
– Process Documentation and Improvement, Tasks Outline & Organization
– Email Management, File Maintenance & Folders Management
– Tools Used (MS Office, SalesHandy, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, LinkedIn, Snovio, MediaRadar, ZoomInfo, SM Platforms, Skype, etc.)
– Other Administrative and Job-Related Duties as assigned

Senior Manager – Global Quality & Training
Affinion International Philippines (March 2016 – January 2019)
Acquisitions, Insurance, Membership, Loyalty, Travel

• Lead Site Training Team and Centralized Quality Team – 65 to 85 Quality & Training Personnel supporting requirements for all Business Units within the Global Service Delivery Team.
• Manage support expectations in relation to contractual and organizational obligations.
• Reports directly to the VP for Global Quality & Training and primarily accountable and responsible for fulfilling contractual obligations of the support team.
• Direct Supervision and Management of 1 Training Team Lead, 6 Quality Team Leads, 2 Quality Reporting Analysts and 2 Quality Systems Administrators.
• Collaborates & Partners with Business Unit Heads of Quality & Training, Site Specific Managers and Operations Managers in managing Quality and Training performance of accounts globally.
• Management and Innovation of Quality Performance Reporting, Data Analysis, Quality Platform Administration, and Training Performance Reporting.
• Design and Execute Quality Process Improvement Methods geared towards continuously improving effectiveness and efficiency of the Centralized Quality Team.
• Accountable for the Standardization of Quality & Training related Key Performance Indicators
and ensuring these are aligned to Business / Client Expectations.
• Create and Maintain Quality and Training Job Descriptions. Ensure alignment of task expectations to current roles and functions within the Quality and Training Teams.
• Continuous Review and Management of Staffing Model for all Quality and Training Personnel. Align staffing to allocated annual budget with respect to a Business Unit Ratio based model.
• Continuous Review & Alignment of support goals, expectations, targets and metrics according to Service Delivery Goals and Business Direction.
• Head Projects on Skill and Behavioral Development to Site Training Team and Centralized Quality Group. Outline and balance objectives that cater to both Employee and the Business.
• Coordinates with different Department Heads, Business Teams and all Key Stakeholders for Training Requirements and Management of Quality
Related Expectations.
• Represents Quality and Training Team in the PHL Management Committee and is primarily responsible for the implementation of policies within that team in accordance to site practices.
• Attends Calls and Reviews with the Global Quality and Training Leadership Team, Service Delivery, Operations or Account Management Teams – represents and answers to questions related to PHL Quality & Training and all Business Units / Sites supported globally.

Site Manager – Learning & Development and Quality
Acquire BPO – Flexigroup (June 2014 – November 2015)
Cards and Leasing Acquisitions and Customer Service, Loyalty & Retention, Telco, Collections Cards and Leasing, Underwriting, Lending, Settlements

• Lead Site Support Groups – Training (Culture & Process Specialists), Development, and Quality (All Service and Channels) Teams.
• Manage Support Output in relation to contractual and organizational obligations.
• Reports & Partners directly with Site Manager and Service (LOB) Heads to ensure expectations from support team is met.
• Management of Reporting Mechanisms to provide Operations with proper feedback and detailed analysis of performance result, send improvement recommendations, and measure progress on implemented action items
across agreed intervals.
• Innovate and Deliver Process Improvement Methods from agent specific actions up to high-level and site procedures aimed at improving over-all work productivity and efficiency.
• Streamline operational training, development and quality processes – analyses breakpoints in the system and deals directly Change Management work expectations.
• Continuous review and alignment of support goals, targets, metrics according to Operational Objectives and Business Direction.
• Head Projects on Creation and Delivery of Courses that are designed to enhance employee behaviour and skill. Outline implementation of Development Programs that caters to all baseline, leader, mid-level management and management staff.
• Coordinates with different Department Heads, Business Teams and all Key Stakeholders on Managing Change on Knowledge Updates, Internal and
External Policy Requirements.
• Create and Revise Job Descriptions – maintains staffing level for Training and Quality in relation to Organizational Requirements.
• Responsible for effective communication within all support teams to ensure data by all groups are properly managed and transformed into actionable information supporting growth in all facets and channels of the business.
• Attends Calls and Reviews with Clients and Senior Management Teams – represents all of learning and development and quality group that answer concerns related to any party.

Site Training and Quality Manager
Arvato Corporation (October 2010 – February 2014)
Online Advertising CS & All Services, Back Office Support, Contract Assembly

• Lead and Develop – Training and Readiness Manager, Quality Coach Leads and Communication Lead and their respective teams.
• Manage over-all production of the support team in relation to contractual and organizational obligations stated in the SOW.• Partners with Operations Managers in ensuring that timely feedback is provided to Operations detailing performance gaps and issues.
• Restructuring of Reporting Methods by analysis and measurement of results derived from implementation of action plans over a period of time.
• Plan, Create and head Implementation of certain projects involving targeted measures to improve operational performance.
• Streamline operational quality and training processes – analyzes breakpoints in the system and creates a proposal – presents outline to the Senior Management Team for approval.
• Prepare and Revise Training and Quality Scorecards – align goals to current organizational objectives and contractual obligations.
• Create course outline and content for Site Leadership Development Training and Projects.
• Coordinates with different department heads for regular review of site processes and the potential financial effects of any change.
• Create and Revise Job Descriptions – maintains staffing level for Training and Quality in relation to Client and Organizational Requirements.
• Responsible for effective communication within the two departments to ensure that data generated by either is being used to create simplified and relevant analysis that will aid Operations in understanding root causes and create a targeted approach in improving these items.
• Attends Calls and Reviews with Clients and Senior Management Teams – represents Training and Quality and answers concern related to either party.

Training and Quality Manager
TRANSCOM Worldwide (July 2009 – September 2010)
Product and Repair Service, Parts and Order Taking, Troubleshooting

• Leads the Training and Quality Department for 3 Lines of Business supporting 1 account.
• Develop a team of Corporate Trainers, Account Coordinators, Product and Language Trainers, Quality Assurance Leads, Quality Analysts and Quality Specialists.
• Coordinating between the Client and the management team in terms of updates and client specific instructions updating product specific processes.
• Improves internal processes and procedures in conjunction with Client and Management mandated policies and expectations ensuring Client, Customer, Management and Employee satisfaction.
• Ensures a Weekly Meeting with the Business Managers and Account Managers to discuss potential factors leading to the improvement or decline of the agent’s performance and presents/suggests a number of action plans determined to address the issue.
• Attends Client and Management calls and represent both Departments to address Client concerns relating to the improvement of the Training provided to new hires and assurance of Quality feedback provided to associates to ensure immediate improvement.
• Analyzes reports and numbers provided by both departments in correlation with the information gained from Operations and ensure a Monthly Presentation to the Senior Management Team relating this analysis to business
needs and expectations.
• Ensures that Job Parts and Standards for all employees under Training and Quality are in line with the Statement of Work and provide consistent suggestions and implements changes to match the need of the Client and situation.
• Uses data provided by both teams to identify which affects potential profit and losses percentage for the Company/Organization.

Quality Supervisor (Teletech Pampanga)
Global Quality Specialist (Teletech Cainta)
TELETECH Customer Care Management (October 2007 – July 2009)
Telecommunications, Healthcare, Telephone, Cable & Internet, Sales

• Develop 20-25 Quality Assurance Specialists – Track performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Point of Contact for Audit Reconsideration Requests, FTE Lists, Update Filing and Up Training of Specialists, and Support Schedules.
• Engaged with Clients and Management in streamlining processes and analysis of key behaviours to tailor fit evaluation tools to Client Specified Standards and Expectations.
• Provides Analysis for Operations Managers / Senior Operations Managers and rolled out through meetings through discussion of key behaviours that affect the site performance.
• Sets up a touch base for all trainers and quality specialists from all sites concerned on a bi-weekly basis to discuss trends and possible action plans.
• Providing timely feedback to Operations Managers – Summary of Evaluations and Opportunities for Improvement on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Collates and distributes to all parties concerned including the Clients – Root Cause Analysis and Trending Reports/Trend Watchers – Score Trending and Program Projection Score for passing Clients Standards – done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Sets up a bi-monthly meeting with the Clients and heads of Operations, Training and Quality to discuss key behaviours and success ratio of action plans discussed in the bi-weekly meetings and implemented on a timeframe not more than 2 weeks.

Training and Quality Supervisor (June – September 2007)
Quality Specialist (February – May 2007)
PRC – Advanced Contact Solutions (February 2007 – September 2007)
Reservations Account (Automotive), Airline Reservations, Financial

• Responsible for the development of (Automotive) – 5 Quality Specialists and 2 Back-up Quality Specialists. (Airline Reservations) – 1 Senior Quality Specialist and 1 Trainer. (Outbound Financial) – 1 Sr. Quality Specialist – 1 Trainer – 7 Quality Specialists.
• Facilitated Internal and External Calibration Sessions – represents training and quality department in Conference, Operations and Client Calls.
• Direct Contact and Client Interface – Identifying key behaviours and opportunities for improvement. Monitors Specialists and Trainers’ performance and provides timely feedback and coaching sessions.
• Responsible for providing the Client and Director a daily, weekly and monthly analysis of the total evaluations of the Specialists and summary of performance with coaching logs and utilization reports.
• Required bi-monthly presentation to the Management – Statistics and performance of all shared programs in terms of Quality and Training Successes and Action Plans.
• Sets up Open Discussion Sessions with Operations, Training, Quality, Client, Management and a team of CSRs to discuss potential flaws and streamline process queue.

Customer Service Representative – Multi Skilled OB & IB
TELETECH Customer Care Management (December 2004 – September 2006)
Collections – Banking and Finance

• Takes in inbound calls for a collections account in line with a Financial Institution based in the United States.
• Does Outbound Calls for the same account and meet Client Specific Standard AHT and Conversion Metrics.

Educational Background:
• BA MASS COMMUNICATION Major in Journalism (Undergraduate)
Centro Escolar University (6132 – 0172)

Relevant Trainings / Courses / Seminars Attended:

March 2013 – Arvato Corporation
• COPC Registered Coordinator for CSPs – September 2010 – Completed and Passed Certification with Score of 90.9%
• Six Sigma Green Belt Trained

October 2007 to July 2009 – TELETECH Customer Care Management
• Supervisor Certification; Managing by Metrics; Empower
1&2; Adaptive Coaching for Results 1 & 2; Action Planning for Coaches;
Introduction to Supervision; Facilitating Teab Lketings; Positive Reinforcement
1&2; Quality Fundamentals; GEM – Grammar for Electronic Messages; Quality
Evaluator’s Training

May 2007 to September 2007 – PRC – Advanced Contact Solutions
• Quality Supervisor Certification Level II; Business
Management Training Client Interface & Relations Training; CON CALL
Training – Quality and Ops Statistics Call TQA Supervision Certification;
Monitoring, Calibration & Team Manager Training

Quality Assurance Management | Training & Development | Project Management | Administrative & Organizational Skills | Leadership & People Management | Reporting & Business Analytics | Performance Management & Improvement | Specializes in Start-Ups

Awards and Recognition:
• Arvato Corporation – Certificate of Work Excellence
(November 2012 and March 2013)
• Teletech Customer Care Management – QA POC of the Month (Cainta)
• PRC – Advanced Contact Solutions Inc. – Specialist of the Month (March to May 2007)

Character References:
• Available – Upon Request (Can provide both from Previous Vendors & Clients)