Granyon is an Insight-led digital agency centered on critical and creative thinking, design excellence and technical wizardry. We think, conceptualize and visualize professional websites and apps that turn marketing strategy into connected experiences. Our mission is to understand, inspire and delight our employees and customers in everything we do. We prefer to price our services according to the value we should provide, and hence not necessarily count hours. An hour can be productive, or so-so. We all need breaks, go and get coffee, or we procrastinate over some social feed. We might also have a bad day with no sleep last night because that baby kept us awake. But on other days we are on a roll: the concept is clear, ideas are plenty, we feel productive as never before. This is the way humans work. So we can’t measure our work by the hour but can do it by days or more. It gives our team the time to be the best they can be. We agree on deadlines, and we put effort into describing the scope of work and expected outcomes of the different parts of a project before we start. Once we agree on these, our team can feel free to explore, unite, divide… they can work all night, or maybe go for an inspiration trip. This depends on the project and whatever it takes to bring the best ideas and execution up front. Customers like DR, VELUX, CBS EXECUTIVE, ANIMALS PROTECTION, SOLAR A/S, REALDANIA, SAMVIRKE, and NOVASOL have chosen us because with this approach we focus on the quality of our work and the deadline while keeping you safe on the price.