Hannah E.


Words and Perception are the most valuable assets at a Brand’s disposal.
NIKE – JUST DO IT ← Three Words, Three Syllables, That Together Have Forever Changed Public Perception. Together, we can find the right words that will define your company and inspire people to act.

Now more than ever, you have the power to compete with the industry giants on the same free platforms and media channels…and dominate.
I mean that.

No one can serve your customer base better than you do. You fill a niche and provide the kind of intimate service that no ‘big box’ chain will ever be able to compete with. The difference between their seemingly insurmountable following and you…is me.

It’s about communication, strategy, and presenting a cohesive, consistent Brand Identity to your Target Demographic -Words. The right words said at the right time and in the right place.

I can help you there.

Let’s be honest, no one reads these things for fun. If you’re here reading this profile, you need an exceptional writer who can make even packaging worth reading.

From Start-Ups to Mom-n-Pop shops, Multinational Organizations and the complete rebrand of a 100-year old company, I do not define my work by size, but by passion. If I do not have a gut instinct about a business, I pass on the opportunity. Extraordinary comes from the connection.
Anything less is everyone else.

“I absolutely LOVED working with Hannah. She was prompt and very personable. She made sure that my story was told and took great care into making sure I was satisfied as a client. I will be using her again in the near future!” -Working Girl Fit

“As a brander, content specialist, and excellent team player, Hannah has become an incredible asset to our businesses. We’ve expanded her contracts into multi-business We highly recommend Hannah to others, however, we want to hide and keep her to ourselves so that she is available to us at all times.” -Brandy| Coffee Subscription Service : Added Authoritative Value Through Branded Content & Content Marketing Strategy

“Hannah took on an incredibly complex and challenging task, working in a highly collaborative fashion to achieve the desired outcome & presentation; she knocked it out of the park and met all expectations with a creative flair! One thing that stood out was that when it came down to game-time, she was all-in, burning the midnight oil with my team to make it happen. I’m greatly looking forward to working with her on future projects!” -Noah |Cyber Defense & Risk Management :Successfully Pitched And Raised Capital From A Fortune 50 Company

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CURRENTLY I’m : Creative Director | Brand Strategist – Writing Wit Creative Studios –