Jivapriya R.


If you want to sell, promote or publicize your your self, your content or your products online, or on traditional media, I am your man. I will gladly help make you more famous, and bring your message to a much larger audience.

If you want webinars or automated webinars made, marketing funnels built, effective social media marketing done (both paid and organic), powerful launches executed, to get mainstream media coverage and/or any of the technical set up done for Webinarjam, Everwebinar, Infusionsoft, Plusthis, Clickfunnels, Facebook Ads, Meltwater and Kartra (Yes Kartra, I am one of the few experts, on this new software), I got you covered.

I have half a decade of experience in Information Marketing and have spent upwards of 50 K on seminars, coaching, and online marketing training (see “Other Experiences” for the list). I have my own book published and sold in stores nationwide and my happy clients include former New York Yankees Baseball Players, reputable authors and even an accredited College In the State of Florida.

I can help you in 3 ways.

1. Custom Tailor a Strategy For You

If you want support in understanding and strategizing a big picture marketing plan. We can collaborate together and create the perfect strategy that works well for your situation and rapidly achieves your goals.

2. Guide and Support You In The Practical Implementation of Your Strategy

Whether you already have a strategy/plan or we have created one together, implementation is key. I can hold your hand every step of the way, until you become comfortable with all the technical tools and proven marketing systems you need for success. This way you can become fully strong and effective, even if our time together comes to an end.

3. Do All The Work For You

Building an audience, selling course or product takes time energy and training. Rather than spending your time on the technical and the implementation, you can simply have me do it. I will do everything needed and you simply need to create your content and do what matters most to you.
I will build your web pages, configure you automated marketing campaigns, give you proven marketing templates and even write your copy for you if needed. I will build your funnels, pixel your site, do the tech work, set up affiliate programs, write press releases, reaching out to the media and much much more.

**What Separates Me From Other Freelancers**

A. The amount of marketing expertise I have. I have taken At least 42 extended courses on the various aspects of Internet Marketing. Marketing for Authors, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook. Facebook Ads, Copy Writing, The Experts Industry, E-commerce, Podcasting, SEO, Market Research, Sales, Sales Psychology Videos, Branding, Public Speaking and so much more (see “Other Experiences” for the entire list of courses)

B. Kartra… I got in on Kartra while it was in beta and worked many hours a day on it for months. So its safe to say that I am one of the most competent and experienced Kartra marketeers available.

C. Publicity/PR– Aside from Online Marketing, I have also been trained in traditional publicity. This means I know how to get you on Radio, TV, News Papers etc. My friend, and a member of my board is a former Fox, ABC, MSNBC producer and we speak often use the same lingo and think similarly.

D. I do this for myself — I am a published author and online marketer (I am doing freelance work for some supplemental income and to keep my skills sharp)

E. I am an American Living in California, that also speaks 3 languages other than English.

Fortunately, I still have an opening, I can only take on a few clients at a time and will only serve those whom I believe in, so book me while it’s still possible.