Joseph M.


I help businesses sell online and through social media.

Successful business marketing means connecting with the people who matter most.

My main drive is to help businesses develop the markers that lead to growth:

– Do the right people know about your company?

– Do these people engage with what you have to say?

– Do they trust you enough to buy from you?

– And, most importantly, can attribution be tracked back after the sale so you can repeat the process?

I can help point your digital marketing strategy toward a structure where every lead can be traced back to an origin. So you’ll know where to find the people who matter.

I am a Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant and hold an Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate from Syracuse University/Hootsuite.

My areas of expertise:

– email marketing

– social media

– workflow automation

– practical web design

My guiding mantra:

“Don’t fight the template. Automate where you can. Simplify the process.”