Joy J.


I offer 3 business services: Executive Assistant, Social Media Marketing and Project Management.

I have been successful as a freelancer by recognizing the importance of listening to your needs, providing value by strategizing and executing actions to meet the business objectives. Able to provide information and data to analyze business data and utilize the data so they can make informed decisions.

You will find working with me that I am self-motivated, Tech Savvy, and have critical thinking skills with a creative side that thinks outside of the box.

I do have a passion for Social Media Marketing and Management. I have been and continue to be a project manager/operations manager in a digital marketing agency.

My writing includes technical documentation, marketing material, Standard Operating Procedures and Processes, Product Material, researching and writing material for clients social media, blogs and websites.

I am well rounded and have a multitude of skills and talents that allow me to offer a wide range of services.

I have an ongoing partnership with Happy TRex a Digital Marketer Partner, as well as Digital Marketing Certifications.