Mharvin M.


🌟Brand Strategist through Influencer Marketing🌟

📌I am an expert and experienced in creative social media and influencer marketing on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok..

📌I am using a tool called Grin to get the most qualified influencers for a brand. I can filter out the number of followers, engagement rate, gender, interest, country, etc. based on the influencer requirements.

📌I assure for a good service and I will not stop until my clients' goals and expectations are achieved. Communication is the KEY in this kind of setup.

📌I am hardworking, flexible and always craving to learn more.

📌Services offer:

✔️Increasing followers on Facebook and Instagram
✔️Finding the right influencers for your brand through Grin Influencer Marketing Tool or Heepsy Influencer Marketing Tool
✔️Creating a Google Spreadsheet for influencers
✔️Engaging with followers and leads through likes and comments.
✔️Outreach to influencers through Email and DM's
✔️Creating long and short-form content
✔️Monitor traffic on website
✔️Graphic design through Canva and Photoshop
✔️Brand Logo Making