World class services with your business growth aspirations as a first priority.
We work with clients from Australia, United States, South Africa, Namibia, The Netherlands and more.

Keetrax HQ is based in sunny Nelson in Aotearoa New Zealand. Even though we are small, we are global company in every sense. We have customers on every continent (spread over 14 different countries, no less) and our staff and contractors are spread out over 4 continents, at the time of writing.

We founded Keetrax after spending nearly 5 years travelling around the world on our motorbikes. Danielle rode her Suzuki DR350 all the way from Brisbane to Kenya (by way of India and the middle east) where she met Mike who had driven his Suzuki DR650 from the Netherlands, by way of West Africa and South Africa.

We joined our adventures and rode through Eastern, Central and Southern Africa until we sold our bikes and slowly made our way to New Zealand where we founded Keetrax.

What started with once-off jobs through contacts we had built up through adventure motorcycling and travelling, quickly grew through word of mouth to the thriving business that is Keetrax today.

We are known as official Mailchimp and Maropost (Neto) partners, and as the people that built Mailchimp for Neto, but most of all for the quality of our work.