Nicholas S.


“Nick was very professional and helpful throughout the project. He was available whenever I needed him and made communication very easy. His experience and knowledge had proven to be of great value to our company. Looking forward to working with him again.” – Omry Volk –

Here’s a list of my current duties I perform for my own websites:

Monitoring and measuring output against KPIs
Develop and establish a definition of “Quality” output
Strategizing with other PMs
Strategizing with CEO
Editing/proofreading Team leaders’ work.
Holding 1-2-1 meetings with team leaders.
Delegating editing responsibilities team leaders.
Establishing updating content strategy
Establishing updating writing education program
Establishing updating Content Management Spreadsheet
Establish and develop communication systems
Self-educating on current and future content marketing/management/leadership trends.
Establish and develop a content strategy.
Consult on content with other PMS
Give feedback on graphics
Establish Graphics strategy and style
Establish and develop Buyer personas
Run SCRUM sprints for team leaders.
Establish and develop writer/graphic designer onboarding system
Develop writing/graphics/CMS Upload other process tutorial videos/Documents
Establish and develop a business organizational structure
Establish and develop business systems and processes
Hire new writers graphics designers with Florabelle.
Determine Material/Human Resources need by the team and provide them.
Determine and establish ways to growth hack/10X output.
Determine and establish Goals and KPIs
Establish Team leader’ team units.
Develop an iterative minimum viable product environment where creating products/content and getting them out into the world is paramount.
Leadership duties including establishing a caring environment where team members feel they are appreciated and can fulfill potential.
Create lists of tasks that can be automated/systemized.
Delegate tasks.
Oversee production of Keyword research
manage keyword research teams
Establish keyword research methods and processes
Oversee keyword research strategy
Develop and engage keyword research strategy
Develop and establish Content writing templates
Develop main overreaching content marketing strategy
Develop and establish content linking flow diagram
Oversee translation of articles
Oversee the publishing of articles on CMS
Oversee the handing off of articles to PMs
Establish need to know vital information with PMs for new websites.
Establish goals for content
Determine Call to actions to be implemented on per article basis
Generate an outline of the end-user journey through content to maximize touch point exposure and trust growth
Determine how best to silo content
Measure output/to cost ratios to determine a return on investment over time.
Establish and develop writing style guides.
Establish macro and micro keyword intention on per article basis and translate information to useful guidelines for writers.