Nizomkhon S.


Studying in the international community and at the same time working remotely with people of different backgrounds and nationalities helps to increase personal skills in various ways. I had a chance to meet people who introduced me to their culture and specific details of there, which I think is a unique opportunity, especially for the one who needs to be creative and find a solution to the problems at his work. I believe that being able to travel to many countries, communicating with a lot of people with different ethnic backgrounds, and working in various industries developed my creativity and at the same time boosted my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, my life experience is not the only aspect that gives me a competitive advantage.
In addition to all I have mentioned above, the theoretical and practical skills are the ones that also benefit, especially in the business world.
Throughout my 3 years at LCC International University I had a chance to get a lot of information and opportunities like being able to attend leadership classes that helped me to open and lead 2 sports clubs in the university. Also, I was able to increase financial analytical skills by taking managerial and financial accounting. Yet, one of the most important goals that I have gained was creating a business plan and defending it. Although I have not finished it yet, I was able to do market research, competitive advantage, and industry analysis by collecting secondary data throughout the spring semester that I graduated successfully.
Overall, I have both theoretical and practical knowledge to start working.