SEO|SEM (PPC) Specialist

SEO|SEM (PPC) Specialist

SEO|SEM (PPC) Specialist


Google, Facebook & Bing Ads Marketing | On-page & Off-page SEO |Customer Support Specialist |Sales Assistant | Executive Assistant | Medical Transcriber

* Researches and analyses marketing information, including market trends, competitor offerings, product specifications, and demographic data.

* Identifies the appropriate media channels where each product or service’s marketing materials can be delivered.

* Tracks marketing strategy results closely and creates detailed reports with data analysis and other feedback.

* Adjusts marketing plans as needed in response to data tracking efforts.

* Managing multiple Facebook and Google Ads campaign focusing in lead generation, form submissions and phone calls.

* Improving sales and marketing strategy.

* Conducting keyword research to increase opportunity and target the right audience.

* On-page optimisation (on-page SEO) for better engagement and conversion rate.

* Off-page optimisation for high website traffic.