We are your App Marketing and ASO agency
Specialists in GROWTH strategies
for mobile apps and games

Your Mobile App Marketing Partner
PICKASO is your ASO and App Marketing agency. We were born in 2013 to dedicate ourselves exclusively to mobile application marketing. We love getting involved in our clients’ projects and helping them succeed with our services or with our technology solutions. Your success is our success.

We have seen the birth and take off of this sector and, to a certain extent, we are participants in its evolution. The members of our team are specialized in marketing, monetization, strategy, retention, ASO positioning, content, creativity… We are all working in the same direction to combine energies and achieve the best results for the growth of your mobile business.

App Marketing Strategy
It is important that each mobile app has a strategic plan based on all the variables that can affect its growth. We design the best marketing strategy for your app and we get 100% involved in your business.

App Store Optimization
We plan ASO (App Store Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to maximize the visibility and Conversion Rate of your app’s listing and generate the maximum volume of downloads, both organic and non-organic.

User Acquisition
We plan, launch and optimize mobile user acquisition campaigns on a daily basis in Social Ads , Google Ads , Apple Search Ads and Mobile Display Ads to grow the business of your mobile app or game.

Influencers and Content
We guarantee that your app reaches the maximum number of users possible through the most powerful influencers and quality and unique content on specialized websites and media.

Creativity, Design, Art
We offer creativity and design services with which to improve the Conversion Rate of your app or game file and achieve the best results in User Acquisition campaigns.

Courses and Training
We have a lot to learn and a lot to teach. We train marketing teams of startups and companies in ASO, User Acquisition, mobile business, analytics, etc. in person and online.