The 7 Best Mobile App Marketing Tools on the Market in 2023

July 25, 2021

The 7 Best Mobile App Marketing & Management Tools on the Market in 2023

Why you need App Marketing Tools – Studies have shown that the average person spends over 4 hours or more, on their phones every day. This is why many companies have included mobile advertising in their marketing strategies.

It is also why companies have invested in creating apps for their businesses but also making sure their potential customers have an effortless mobile experience when they are using their phones.

For those companies who want to improve their mobile marketing strategies there are tools out there to give them data on emerging app trends, tips on how to increase their customer engagement, downloads and help them improve their customer’s mobile user experience.

Below we’ve listed what we consider 7 of the best mobile app marketing tools out there.

App Marketing Tools

  1. Branch 

Want to make sure your customers have a pleasant mobile user journey on your app so they will come back? Then Branch is just the tool for you.

Branch is a popular mobile growth platform. The tool aims to analyze your user’s app or website journey and report any roadblocks that will spoil your customers user journey.  The tool will also help you fix broken links, combine any links and solve any cross -platform problems- so that your customer has the same journey on a mobile as they do on a laptop.

Branch can be integrated with email providers, social platforms and ad networks- so that you can drive growth and increase engagement from as many platforms as possible.

Price ranges from $59. 

  1. AppsFlyer  

Appsflyer is a mobile app tracking and attribution analytics platform for app developers and marketers.

What this means is that you can use their platform to measure how much engagement you are getting, and where your engagement is coming from. You can get information on how to make your app more interactive and ways to optimize your mobile user experience.

Appsflyer also helps you manage ad spend so you can control your spending.

The tool itself comes with a free plan, with all its features included.

Price varies. 


  1. App Annie 

 App Annie is a brilliant analytics tool that helps businesses stay on top of market trends.

The tool provides detailed reports on which markets are experiencing huge growth in the app store as well as identifying emerging trends and competition.

With the wealth of data this tool provides you’ll be able to make informed decisions on your marketing strategy and launch successful marketing campaigns on your website or app.

The information App Annie provides is presented in uncomplicated, easy to read graphs and all the information is broken down in sections so it is easy to understand.

Price varies.


  1. App Follow 


Looking to boost downloads on your app?

Well App Follow is an all-in- one app management platform for boosting organic growth, increasing the number of downloads, and streamlining your advertising.

AppFollow gives you a platform to monitor app performance, keep on top of star ratings, user reviews and measure organic growth. From their platform you can also respond directly to app reviews automatically.

AppFollow is able to keep track of keyword changes and allows for integration so that you have all the information you need to boost your growth.

Price ranges from $23. 


  1. App Tweak 

App Tweak is an award-winning, app store optimization (ASO) tool which helps you market your app and increase its visibility.

With the AppTweak platform all the data you need to keep track of your performance metrics is all in one place. The main features app tool boasts of:

  • Keyword research – finding popular keywords and trends.
  • Competition monitoring – keeps track of your competitors.
  • Download monitoring – to monitor how many downloads your app has.
  • Market seasonality – where market trends are collected.

AppTweak is a very functional tool and it’s constantly updated so you can stay informed about your performance and your competitors. The tool also has a very helpful support team.

Prices from $69. 


  1. Mobile Action Review 

Mobile Action is a marketing intelligence platform that gives you insights into your competitors so you can dominate your market.

One of the great features of the tool is it’s keyword intelligence. The tool helps you find key, search terms of the users, so that you can track your competitors keyword ranking. Like all the other apps we have discussed before Mobile Action also offers a wealth of market and ad intelligence data so you can better market your app, focus your marketing strategy and increase downloads.

Mobile Action comes with a free trial with its starter package coming at just $49 a month.

Price ranges from $49. 


  1. Sensor Tower 

Sensor Tower is a great tool for app marketing managers. The tool gives you the data and insights you need to market your app better.

So if you want to know what your most successful competitors in the app market are doing, or whether your ad campaigns are at the standard they should be then Sensor Tower can equip you with that knowledge.

The tool also lets you know what keywords you need to increase traffic to your app. Sensor Tower also maps out the changing landscapes in the app world, so you can stay informed about current trends and potential opportunities.

Sensor Tower is a smart, effective, functional tool.

Price varies.