Priscilla M.


So you may be wondering what the difference between Public Relations & Marketing really is?

In today’s fast changing and social world the two intersect quite often, however there are still many professionals and agencies who only offer one or the other. I will let you in on a little secret…the truth is the two must work together to achieve overall business success.

Through my experience working in-house for start-up brands, I have also realized that budget can be limited and sometimes budget allows for you to bring on only ONE more person. Instead of having to decide whether to go with the PR professional or the Marketing expert, why not choose someone who has mastered the skills in both areas. I know what you’re thinking…it’ll be almost impossible.

Well, that’s why I have continually learned, practiced and become an expert in both PR and Marketing, because I know it’s not easy to find and for so many growing companies it is almost vital for growth in today’s competitive market.

So, whether it’s getting your product/service featured on top publications, putting your product in the hands of top influencers, increasing your social media presence, or leveraging email marketing to increase sales, I will work together with you to implement the strategies your brand needs for growth.

I have already helped brands secure their first ever features on major media outlets such as InStyle, Bustle, Glamour, Elite Daily, and more, through the use of strategic story-telling and fostering relationships with media professionals. I’ve even helped more than double revenue by implementing influencer marketing with very little to no marketing budget given.

If you need someone to:
– Secure top features for your brand
– Increase your social media exposure
– Implement email marketing strategies
– Implement influencer marketing and product seeding
– Draft Press Releases, Pitches, Ad Sales Copy, Brand/Product Descriptions, and/or Blog Posts
I can help you with one or all!