QA Tester / Client Support Specialist / Research / SEO / VA

QA Tester / Client Support Specialist / Research / SEO / VA

QA Tester / Client Support Specialist / Research / SEO / VA



Hi Everyone,

My name is Igsj. I graduated from Miriam College with a degree of Business Administration major in Financial and Investment Management. I am self-motivated and very dedicated when it comes to work. I am a task-driven person, observant and well-organized. I am fluent in written and oral English. I can say that I am reliable in providing excellent service. My goal is to learn and exceed the expectations needed from me.

Below are my job summary:


As a Research Analyst my primary responsibilities are the following:

-Responsible for the collection of accurate and reliable specific industry metrics data or KPI’s for Oil and Gas industry to internal database.
-Fulfilled the research and market study of the documents for companies involved in O&G to support clients on data queries.
-Created queries for Oil&Gas companies to clarify policy issue.
-Maintained production and quality rating file to support company’s descriptive data like business summary and other textual information using Microsoft Office application.


I had worked as a financial advisor for a life insurance company here in the Philippines for two years. I am in charge of my own appointment setting. I am responsible for contacting leads or clients over the telephone, email, and social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) to generate appointments. I keep track of all the records and personal details of the clients. I do follow up and discuss personal matters that will help arise their interest for the insurance product that I am selling. I also make sure to keep a record of my productivity. Typically, I have to call and send emails to a lot of potentials clients everyday so that I can have a successful appointments.

As a Financial Advisor my primary responsibilities are the following:
-Help clients plan their short and long term financial goals.
-Recommend life insurance products and investments depending on the client’s needs and wants.
-Execute and negotiate follow through implementation of different investment and insurance products.
-Does post sell client servicing
-Proactively contact clients to establish long-term meaningful relationships


As a client support my day to day tasks involved the following:
-Assist in accurately resolving Client Support incidents in a timely manner.
-Help the operations to improved data collection process.
-Provide quality data to external clients by interacting and coordinating with the operations.
-Identify and rectify number of problems emanates from clients and queries.
-Finish research projects on historical problem areas
-Facilitate testing system enhancements in collection tools and product.
-Conducts training for new support back up.


I am currently working in one of the top Financial Technology firm. As a business consultant my day to day tasks involved the following:

-Involved in manual testing of APIs and Dashboard Application
-Provide daily operation support for bank activities

-Adobe Illustrator
-Data Entry and Online Research
-Basic and Advanced Excel
-Microsoft Office Application
-Lean Six Sigma (White and Yellow Belt)
-Marketing Plan-Business Plan & Financial Analysis
-Manual Testing for applications
-Operations support
-Knowledgeable in JIRA and Confluence Software
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)