We are Reea, a software development and web design agency- from software and digital to branding, we’ve added almost every service to our portfolio.

We create at the intersection of vision, strategy, design and software. To develop platforms and build brands, we assembled a network of designers, visual graphers, online marketers, brand builders and coders.
The story started in Tirgu-Mures with a handful of enthusiastic people who opened a webdesign and software agency. The same enthusiasm has been maintained for over 19 years, the company reaching around 200 colleagues.

The business has expanded to several cities in Romania: Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia, Reghin. We develop projects with passion and we are guided by the same values. We are a friendly and welcoming agency just like then, when we started our journey.
Our team shares a common passion for technology. We mix technology with imagination to encourage ideas to spread. And we have never stopped exploring. The years of experience can prove that.

We create iconic brands for corporations, startups, agencies and music bands. Although technology is the core, we approach every project from a human perspective. We are totally involved.
Regardless of the project, we are oriented towards evolution. We are the kind of people who would skip lunch over long talks about positioning or drink coffee up to late hours to find the perfect branding solution.

The questions that always come to our mind: ‘why?’, ‘what if?’, and most importantly, ‘why not?’. On every interaction with us you will feel positive emotions and your path to success will be on steady growth.
We are those people who make an effort to change the world around them. Whenever a simple idea can become a successful startup. It takes courage. We know that, and we have that a great deal. In a startup, you have the opportunity to make the difference and you can be heard.

The working process in a startup runs at speed and it’s not for anything. You can innovate, create valuable things in a very short period of time. If you choose this path, the experience is worth it!
Whether you want to develop a startup or create software for a large company, we can bring your idea to life. Tell us what you are thinking of and we’ll invent the optimal solutions to tell your story in a way that generates impact.

We strongly believe that passionate people can do great things. Regardless of the size of your project, success is lurking around the corner. We are anxious to meet you and hear your idea.
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