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I help freelancers and agencies like you earn more leads and maximize your earnings using Upwork, all while working on things you actually care about.

We could be a great fit to work together if you have 2+ years of experience in a skillset where your work is primarily done on the computer or phone

For the record, I’m not employed by Upwork. I just help freelancers and agencies get great results on Upwork!

If you’re tired of struggling to find clients and wish you could actually do what you love while getting paid top dollars. We’re really going to get along!

I’m the founder of a 14,000+ member community for remote workers called the Digital Nomads Forum. I’ve spent years learning where people get work earning well-paid and meaningful remote work and ultimately helping them get unstuck.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read this Upwork review, I think it’s on-point!

❝ Robert is a ‘teach em how to fish’ kind of guy. Rather than pretending that someone else can improve your business for you, he teaches you how to improve yours and convincingly makes the case that learning and doing it yourself is the only way to know how to scale effectively down the road. He’s smart and fast and fun to learn from. More to the point, since starting with him, I’ve matched my previous record for project price with one job and shattered that record with another. We’re not done yet and those are some great tangible results. Highly recommended! ❞

Stephen Frick – Owner – Wavepoint Web Design

Be sure to check out my portfolio section where I have several other text and video testimonials from my clients. I also showcase their profiles so you can see the results they’re getting.

I commonly help people with 4 more things on Upwork:

Writing and optimizing exceptional existing or new Upwork profiles

Automating notifications for your ideal Upwork jobs

Submitting Upwork proposals that actually get responses

Handling Upwork sales calls with client leads you earn from your Upwork proposals

Here’s why you’ll wish we started working together sooner!

I only take on projects where I can provide real value and meet or exceed your unique goals. I will always respect both of our time.

I provide a turnkey service. You just have to show up. I’ll walk you through EXACTLY what’s needed to actually earn well-paid and meaningful clients consistently.

I was privately trained by Google in sales and digital marketing. I’ve integrated everything I’ve learned from them into my approach helping you with Upwork.

Professional communication from the start. I’ll define exactly what I’m responsible for and by when. I’ll let you know exactly what I need from you and I’ll stay on top of making sure you provide it.

Appreciate punctuality? Me too! Expect it from me 100% of the time.

Here’s a reference from my days working as a digital marketer service vendor in Canada for Google:

❝ Over a year-long period, I partnered extensively with Robert on digital marketing initiatives at Google. Robert showed exceptional skills in terms of adaptability, communication, and leadership. In one instance, I noted how quickly he learned and prepared his team for ad changes affecting his company’s clients. Despite high ambiguity and the unexpected timing surrounding the changes, he effectively delivered clear and concise communications to his team on both educational and logistical integration. Due to many interactions like these, as well as his personable nature and positive attitude, I would not hesitate to recommend Robert as a team leader in any setting. ❞

Jonathon Rohs – Agency Development Manager – Google

Can’t wait to work together! Invite me to your job and let’s figure out how to best do it!

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Thanks for learning about me! I look forward to learning about you.

Robert O’Kruk