Santosh Kumar V.


My name is Santosh Kumar and I am a GoHighLevel Marketing Automation Expert. I specialize in providing the following services:

-Create New Accounts in GoHighLevel
-Create New/Edit Existing Snapshots
-Setup Twilio & Phone numbers
-Update Custom Values
-Setup Mailgun
-Setup Calendars

I have experience in the following areas:

-Funnel Building (Desktop and Mobile Responsive)
-Writing and setting-up Campaigns for lead Nurturing
-Building Triggers and Setting-up Automation
-Troubleshooting Problems within GoHighLevel
-Setting-up Domain Records for Mailgun and Funnels
-Integrations of Other Apps to GoHighLevel (ex. Google Spreadsheet, Docusign) Through Zapier

I work independently while making sure that the pipelines are being pushed through, leads are being nurtured, phone calls are being made, emails are being sent, and building SMS chat function that allows 2-way text chats with the contacts in the CRM and the ability to build drip campaigns with triggers (so if the user replies, the drip sequence stops, etc.).

I handling my clients’ marketing requirements through GoHighLevel. Through the use of this awesome tool, my clients are saving dozens of hours a week in manual follow-up efforts once they get started… and begin increasing their customer growth in just 7 days or less.

I follow a strategic approach for developing full automation for the verticals that you or your business might serve. The basic approach will be to get a lead either through Facebook ads or through database reactivation. Once we find those potential prospects then add them to an automated campaign which I called lead opt-in which delivers texts and emails to schedule an appointment to a location. Upon booking an appointment, the person will be added to an automated appointment reminder campaign which reminds the person of their upcoming appointment so the person doesn’t miss it. If the person doesn’t show up for an appointment then the person will get another set of texts and emails asking him to book another appointment when they missed the last one. That’s way, we don’t lose the lead that we got by spending dollars on Facebook ads. The strategy doesn’t involve anything from the location or business owner. Every text and email is automated.

Besides my basic strategy, I work with 3 main snapshots available for different businesses inside GoHighLevel:
1. Brick and mortar (for gyms, fitness centers, dentists, med spas)
2. In house service (for pest control, house cleaning)
3. Phone Call or consulting (for real estate agents, coaches)

There are some configurations that I employ with each snapshot in GoHighLevel to bring awesome results for my clients.

Here one configuration. When I am running a Facebook Lead Generation campaign for any client, I integrate the Facebook lead form into the GoHighLevel. So, if somebody fills the form, they automatically get an SMS and email as triggered by the action of lead form submission. The SMS and email send a link to the client’s calendar to book an appointment. This action of booking an appointment triggers another set of SMS and email about appointment confirmation and subsequent remainder SMSs and emails. If the lead doesn’t show up for the appointment then I put the lead in the no show campaign which triggers another set of SMSs and emails to book another appointment if the lead due to some reasons couldn’t make it to the last one. This is one configuration for Facebook ads to nurture and close leads.

I also use another configuration called database reactivation where I utilize a client’s old customer database to bring new appointments. Here we do the SMS and email broadcasting to small chunks of people from the customer database. The response rate varies from 5% to 15%. Through the database reactivation campaign, I generate new appointments for the client for free without spending anything on ads. Just utilizing the asset the client already has.

I believe that starting with a database reactivation campaign is a good marketing strategy. The local businesses over time accumulate a good size database of customer whom they don’t utilize it. Its just sitting there on their computer or the CRM. And its always easy to sell to old customers than to find new customers. So, if we start with a database reactivation campaign for any client, he can start seeing appointments coming through his gates next week while in the backend we can start working on the Facebook ads campaigns to generate new leads and convert them into booked appointments.

If this something you looking for, let’s connect!