Savion Ray


Savion Ray is a creative agency that specialises in campaigns aimed to promote the purpose of a company or organisation. For years, we have been building and testing methodologies that work in changing behaviours, raising awareness, and mobilising communities to become advocates for a cause. All throughout, we have linked brands to good causes and highlighted the good work companies do to make a difference. Some of our most significant work deals with women empowerment, education, health, climate change, waste reduction and proper disposal. Take a look at our case studies, where we talk about how we used our approach to inspire change and create strong support by online communities. We bring forward the concept behind your topic and create materials that resonate with your audience. Our strategists work closely with our graphical team to make the final product truly yours. We take over the full production of the compaigns. From recording to producing the animation – project description, strategy, creative execution, storyboard, animation, sound, topic presentation, documentary videos. Above of the full production we also create online content and full digital groth strategies for social media presence.