Shane Barker Consulting


Shane Barker Consulting is a Sacramento-based digital marketing agency. It was founded by digital marketing consultant and strategist Shane Barker. He specializes in developing and executing effective digital marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and social media campaigns. He is also a contributing author for reputable publications like Forbes and is an instructor at UCLA. The agency offers a full range of digital marketing and consulting services. Some of their key areas of expertise include: Influencer Consulting – Helping influencers grow their following and build their personal brand. SEO – Full range of SEO services from SEO audits to website design and optimization. Product Launch Marketing – Designing and executing an end-to-end product launch marketing campaign to ensure a successful product launch. Content Marketing – Content strategy design, content creation, distribution and promotion services. CRO – Website optimization with the aim of driving conversions, by adding appropriate calls-to-action and improving site navigation. App Store Optimization – Improving app store search rankings and driving more app downloads. Shane Barker Consulting is both a digital marketing agency and a consultancy that works in two key ways: Work For You – As a digital marketing consultancy, it can help influencers, brands, and marketers formulate and execute their digital marketing strategies. Work With You – It can also act as your own marketing team and run end-to-end digital marketing, SEO, and influencer campaigns. With over 16 years of experience, Shane Barker and his team have the required industry expertise to shape digital marketing strategies for influencers, brands, and marketers. They have worked with celebrities, influencers, fortune 500 companies, and many more reputable clients. Work with them to give a boost to your digital marketing initiatives.