Tomal A.


” HIGH QUALITY ” and ” UNIQUE ” Research

Serving Exclusive Clients on Upwork –

• Microsoft’s Exclusive Freelancer for the “Market Research Talent Cloud”

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Exclusive Freelancer for “Corporate Strategy” Talent Cloud

• Tata Communication’s Exclusive Freelancer for “Customer Service” Talent Cloud

=== Recent Feedback from a valuable client ===

“The quality and the speed of the work is excellent. The amazing thing about Tomal is that he goes the extra mile to perfect his work and provide value for the client, a rate thing to do. The work and the advice he provided during working together, was really valuable and help me us so much. I cannot recommend him enough”

=== Offering remedies to address all your pain ===

• Market Research – Customer Research – Competitor Research & Data Analysis

• Product – Company – Brand – Site – Industry-Academic – Medical – Web Research & Creating Reports/Presentation

• Research for Leads – Leads List Building – Target Accounts – Leads Profiling

• Market Study – Analysis – Market Strategy

• LinkedIn Expertise – Leads – Recruiting – Target Accounts

• Customer Service – Customer Support

Project Management – Virtual Team Management

=== What I value most and strongly believe in ===

• Top Quality Output • Client Satisfaction • 100% Dedication • I Grow with my Clients

=== My Strengths and Mastery ===

• I come absolutely ready and armed to the teeth with a pair of sharp eyes, a brain capable of processing what the eyes see, and the years of expertise.

• Twenty years serving clients at an international level.

• Expert in setting up a team, brilliantly designing and overseeing customer support, customer service, surveys, phone call, and email outreach campaigns at an international level.


Requesting all valuable clients not to contact me for any rush projects or want the job to be done in 24 hours.

Also, if you are looking for someone to work at “outsourcer rates” “regional specific rates” or to provide any work that is unethical or “black hat,” or scrapping with some automated geeky solution – then I am not that person.

But if you’re looking for ” HIGH QUALITY ” and ” UNIQUE ” work of art completed by someone with both attention to detail and a creative mind – your search ends right here.


Working Hours 6:00 am to 5:00 pm EST (7 days a week)