I help Shopify Stores in Operations leading to Store Success

I help Shopify Stores in Operations leading to Store Success

I help Shopify Stores in Operations leading to Store Success



THANK YOU for taking the time to look at my profile, I’ve been in the corporate world for so long and recently I just started my freelancing career, I am looking for long term where I can share my knowledge and be part of a business success.
Below is a list of my services I can offer for you:
– Administrative Work
– Personal Task
– Data Entry and Web Research
– Customer Support (Chat, Voice, Email)
– Amazon Product Sourcing via Buy bot Pro
– Tactical Arbitrage
– Research
– Scheduling
– Date Entry

I am very familiar with GDrive and Microsoft Office. Currently, as I wanted to grow my freelancing career I focus on learning more about Amazon Seller Central. I really like being an Amazon Virtual Assistant
. Below are the lists I am learning now:
– Amazon Seller Central
– Shopify Store Management
– Track orders using 17Track website
– Deliver orders every day to suppliers
– Order Fulfillment thru Dropified, MassFulfill, CSV file to supplier and Aliexpress or thru Fulfillment centers
– Customer Support (Chat, Voice, Email)
– FreshDesk, Zendesk, Zoho email
– Processing Refunds, Returns, and Replacements through OCU (OneCLickUpsell)
– Handling Disputes
– Basic Klaviyo
– Stackcommerce
– Oberlo and DSERs
– Product management
– Inventory Management
– Private Labeling
– Manage Shipment Plan

The ADVANTAGES of hiring me:
– I am a full-time freelancer able to work 40+hrs per week
– I make decision making, leadership, teamwork, and adaptability.
– I can work independently or as a member of a team.
– Confidentiality of work assured.
– I possess a high attention to detail and proficiency.
– I’m highly adaptable to many different assignments and enjoy learning new things to enhance job performance.

My goal is to work with GRIT, EXCELLENCE, and INTEGRITY on a long-term basis and be part of business success. And, if there is something I don’t know of, I would be really honest with you and be more than willing to learn any task that you want me to work with. I look forward to speaking with you about my candidacy.

Warm Regards,