Virtual Assistant



Hi. I’am Rpqepvsk, 27 from Philippines.
I’am an experienced Virtual Assistant for different clients for over 5 years and have virtually assisted a variety of clients. I have worked for individual clients and corporations. Mainly on administrative task, email management, outbound and inbound calls, documentation, social media management, a little bit on bank reconciliation, sending invoices using XERO, recently being a product researcher in e-commerce.

I have a great passion for working as a Virtual Assistant and I always remain alert to learn all the newest and updated materials. I give my best to improve my skill and my work. Besides, I have a strong communicative and convincing skill to deal with any kind of consumers.
I have worked for individual clients and corporations. My home office is fully equipped with the standard office equipment needed to execute administrative assignments. Working independently and taking initiative when necessary are traits that I have sharpened as a Virtual Assistant. I am confident I would be a great addition to your team.
I have also worked for individual clients that needed specific assignments executed on a regular basis, needed only one assignment completed or had a variety of work available at various times. Time management and organization skills have allowed me to take on several clients and meet time-sensitive deadlines with high-quality work. Effectively communicating has allowed me to always be up to date with my client’s needs and expectations. I also have more than 2 years of experience inadministration and customer service within the fields of sales and real estate.
My remote and administrative experience make me a great candidate for this position. My diligence and reliability make me the perfect fit.

Scheduling appointments Creating Presentation Providing Customer Service Handling the rude customers easily Travel management Organization Skill Updating Database Problem Solving Orientation Planning Writing Content Computer Proficiency