WiT Media Inc


We are a media experience agency.

Media Experience embraces the reality that we live in a world where media is everywhere. It means many things. It can be complex.
It asserts that there is no longer simply ‘digital media’ and ‘traditional media.’ It values data. It says we are still humans, living in a digital world, and must be treated in a human way.
It therefore prioritizes the engagement that media enables and activates.
It follows on the truth that User Experience is paramount in all things. It requires that several crucial elements work in a choreographed way. It acknowledges that talent, both internal/external, must team up and collaborate extremely well to be successful.

Wit is your partner in making omni-channel media work harder, stronger, faster and smarter, since 2009.

We collaborate extremely well with teams to create media strategies that dynamically engage consumers and fuel growth.