Technical SEO Guide

TECHNICAL SEO: The Definitive Guide
This is a complete guide to technical SEO.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn all about:

Crawling and indexing
XML sitemaps
Duplicate content
Structured data
Lots more
So if you want to make sure that your technical SEO is up to speed, you should get a lot of value from today’s guide.

Technical SEO: The Definitive Guide

Chapter 1
Technical SEO Fundamentals

Chapter 2
Site Structure and Navigation

Chapter 3
Crawling, Rendering and Indexing

Chapter 4
Thin and Duplicate Content

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Extra Technical SEO Tips

Bonus Chapter
Technical SEO Case Studies

Technical SEO Fundamentals
Let’s kick things off with a chapter on the basics.

Specifically, in this chapter I’m going to cover why technical SEO is still SUPER important in 2020.

I’ll also show you what is (and isn’t) considered “technical SEO”.

Let’s dive in.