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Get connected with the best journalists to feature your business in seconds
Press Hunt saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on over 750k journalists, reporters, and podcasts in one place, complete with their coverage focuses and contact info

750,000+ journalists & podcasts to pitch your business to today

Complete with emails, phone numbers, and millions more data points

Create lists of your favorites and export their contacts to CSV

How it works
Getting started with Press Hunt only takes a few seconds!

1. Find relevant journalists
Search through our constantly evolving database of journalists categorized by what they’re most likely to write about next

2. Save your favorite journalists to your own media lists
Save the best journalists to your media lists so you can pitch them when you’re ready

3. Start pitching!
Export your media lists to CSV, import the journalist contact info into your favorite email system, and start sending them your pitches

What do you get with Press Hunt?
A journalist database of 550k+ journalists and a podcast database of 200k+ podcasts, complete with emails, phone numbers, and coverage catgeorization

580,000+ journalists at your fingertips

We match you with hundreds of journalists based on what they’ve written about before, what they’ve tweeted about, and where they write

Journalists and podcasts from all over the world

Our journalists, reporters, media outlets, and podcasts cover stories on every continent except Antarctica

200,000+ podcasts to pitch your business to

Podcasts are the future of media––Press Hunt has aggregated over 200,000 complete with their emails, website, and social media links to help you pitch them on featuring your business or running your ads

Search through journalists & podcasts by what stories they like to cover, their industries, parent media outlets, and more

Search through journalist interests, industry focuses, their parent media outlets, social media accounts and more! Press Hunt has millions of data points on journalists and podcasts

Journalists & podcasts categorized by what they’re likely to cover next

Journalist and podcast tags are derived from data about where they work, what they’ve covered before, and what they’ve tweeted about so you can find the journalists and podcasts most likely to cover you

Build lists of your favorite journalists & podcasts and export their contact info to CSV

With Press Hunt you can create media lists of up to 200 journalists and podcasts and export their emails to CSV so you can pitch them your story

Our journalists & podcasts cover everything from startups and crypto to fashion, art, and photography

Our journalists & podcasts cover everything: sports, fashion, food, startups, rockets, flowers, SAAS, ICOs, kickstarter campaigns, photography, religion, and more!

Every plan comes with both our journalist database & podcast database to maximize your outreach efforts

Podcasts are the media outlets of the future, and along with journalist and traditional media outreach, can maximize your chances of getting great media coverage

We’ve helped companies like yours get hundreds of news features
Our PR campaigns have garnered millions of impressions from news websites, radio shows, and television segments all over the world from media outlets like The Washington Post, BBC, and VICE

Rumblr was featured by hundreds of news outlets in just four days
We used Press Hunt’s cold PR outreach strategy to get the attention of reporters, helping Rumblr get featured by hundreds of media outlets like The Independent, Fox & Friends, and Business Insider in only four days