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Easily send email and SMS campaigns and boost your business
Marketing should not be complicated to get great performance. With a single tool you can manage your email campaigns, SMS, landing pages and much more.

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SMEs and self-employed
A tool like Acumbamail is very useful for SMEs and self-employed workers due to its ease of use to manage your campaigns from a single platform, without the need for a large team to carry them out.

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We also offer flexible solutions for large companies who need to carry out greater and more complex campaigns.

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Acumbamail is the perfect solution for agencies managing campaigns for several clients, as it allows you to create different users and to create white labels for them.

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Different types of institutions also rely on our services to send their communications through email or SMS.

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All you need. A single platform.

Expand your business in a simple way
Send different types of professionally designed email campaigns in a few minutes.

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Multichannel strategy
Complement your email strategy with SMS campaigns and make the most of both channels and their possibilities.

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Improve your results
Create landing pages to increase the conversion of your marketing campaigns without leaving the platform.

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Save time and resources
You do not need previous design skills to use Acumbamail , as it allows you to create professional templates and send campaigns in just a few minutes.

Increase your return on investment
According to several studies, email marketing is one of the channels that offers the highest return on investment, reaching in some sectors a return of 50 € for every euro invested.

Make your campaigns more effective
We will support you and you will count with automated tools to help you achieve the maximum effectiveness in your campaigns and to keep your subscribers informed of all the relevant news regarding your business.

Better communication with your customers
Generating a conversation with your users is critical for the good health of a business, and thanks to email marketing and SMS you will be in permanent contact with them in a simple way.

Become an expert with our free courses
With our free resources you will become an expert in direct marketing. Learn how to get the most out of the tool with our support articles or contact us to solve any questions in no time.

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