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Search engines can rank and bring traffic to your pages only if they contain enough content.
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Ecommerce : Let our engine auto generate your product descriptions

Alongside introducing your products to customers, product descriptions also offer the chance to

Target new long tail keywords
Rank for synonyms and related words
Semantically connect with Google’s Search Algorithm

Product descriptions are possibly one of the most undervalued search engine optimization (SEO) tactics with most eCommerce websites either brushing off the task of writing descriptions or just writing thin product pages.

e-Classifieds : Let our engine write your classified ad copy.

Does your classified/real-estate portal‘s user experience and SEO suffer because of the user-generated content with less or no content?. Then it is time to automate the process of generating descriptions for your classified listings. Make it more descriptive and informative for both users and search engines.

Get ranked for long tail keywords
Fill the gap in SEO by using related words and synonyms
Let Google’s Search Algorithms know how your content is related semantically