Client Journeys with AmeliaAmelia’s success working with our customers speaks for itself. Listen to their stories.Challenge

Telefónica wanted to replace its outdated automated voice systems in its contact centers in order to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction.


Telefónica hired Amelia to handle customer service in Peru. The goal was to give customers a more natural interface for communicating with the business.


The Amelia platform handles 4.5 million calls per month. She accurately recognizes customer intent on more than 90% of calls, and customer satisfaction has increased.

Digital Employee Builder

Amelia helps you build your own Amelia — a job-based, human-equivalent Digital Employee.

Optimize for Your Use Cases

The Digital Employee Builder is designed for business users with little experience in Conversational AI to quickly develop new use cases. Easily incorporate APIs, RPAs and visual components simply by conversing with Amelia during the design process.

Amelia assists users in building sophisticated and advanced new Digital Employees by offering suggestions and guidance during the creation of new roles and skills.