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AMZ Tracker is an all-encompassing toolkit offering a wide array of Amazon-friendly tools for digital marketing on the platform. These tools include a creative selection of options including keyword research, super URLs, conversion rate tracking, and more. Marketers gain an opportunity to learn the offensive and defensive qualities of marketing on a platform such as Amazon while remaining ahead of the competition. This tool is jam-packed with high-quality features allowing marketers to fine-tune their campaigns on Amazon. Whether it’s a brand-new product or an aged campaign, this tool is an ideal solution to have in handy when it comes time to do research.

Offense and Defense for Amazon Sellers
Introducing the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.

AMZ Tracker: Boost Amazon Sales – Analytics & Promotion Tool
Offensive Strategy
Thrive with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Quickly reach first page rankings through promotions, conversion rate optimization and competitor analysis.

Promote Your Products to Millions
Sales velocity is one of the most important factors of your Amazon rankings, and doing promotions is the most direct way of getting you the sales velocity you need.

With over 2,000,000 registered shoppers, is not only one of the largest Amazon deal sites in the world, but also the gateway of getting you the consistent sales needed to rank high and dominate your marketplace.

AMZ Tracker: Boost Amazon Sales – Analytics & Promotion Tool
Offensive Strategy
Keyword Tracking
Know where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance. Track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make a change that works.

AMZ Tracker: Boost Amazon Sales – Analytics & Promotion Tool
Amazon keyword tracking in a beautifully simple & clean interface.

-Andrew Youderian

Founder of
AMZ Tracker: Boost Amazon Sales – Analytics & Promotion Tool
We are able to immediately get our products ranked with the help of AMZ tracker.

-Josh Foreman

Pure Valley
Increase Your Conversion Rates
Quickly identify what’s bringing your conversion rate down and fix it.

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Super URLs
Increase your rankings by bringing traffic off-Amazon to your listing using the Super URL tool.