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Q&A Software and Tools
Answerbase’s Q&A software engages your audience to most efficiently answer their questions, all while building valuable content for your business.
Experience the benefits of Answerbase.

Q&A Software Solutions
Answerbase Q&A software naturally generates content for your business that grows your bottom line. Explore our Q&A platform and available solutions below.

Ecommerce Product Q&A
Up to 75% of questions that ecommerce merchants answered through Answerbase product page Q&A convert to a sale.

Self Help Knowledge Base
Up to 80% of questions asked are answered automatically, saving time for both your customers and your business.

Community Q&A Software
Answerbase community support helps engage and retain customers while the community answers up to 97% of questions asked.

Company Community Q&A
Answerbase company community software helps your employees effectively collaborate and share information.

Features you need, as you need them
Answerbase has all the bells and whistles you need, to scale up and down as required.