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Turn cold prospects into warm leads every day.
Automate your sales outreach workflow, personalize your emails at scale and protect your deliverability

How it works
Step 1: import leads, then personalize your first lines
Build quick personalized first lines across +50 data points from a LinkedIn URL or Website URL.

Step 2: prepare follow-ups with your email assistant
Improve your email copy with Breakcold’s AI email assistant. Stand out from the crowd and write emails that get replies.

Step 3: enjoy your boost in email reply rate
Track the results of your cold email campaigns and enjoy the boost in results thanks to personalized first lines created by Breakcold.

Step 4: Help us build the future of cold email outreach
Join our community, learn from others, share your tips and let’s grow all together to improve the cold email outreach experience.

Increase revenues with cold emails
Cold emails are extremely powerful to increase revenues. Yet, they are underused by most individuals, startups or agencies. Breakcold helps you reach your goal on autopilot.