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Appy Pie Acquires AppMakr
We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired AppMakr and are now the single largest no code app development platform in the world. With this acquisition, we now have a global reach of more than 10 million end users. This is a big leap towards our mission of democratizing mobile app development by empowering everyone to build digital apps.

Appy Pie’s Best Free DIY App Maker Software to Develop your Mobile Apps
For a long time, mobile app development was considered to be an option only for the big names. This has changed with a no code app builder like Appy Pie AppMakr that have made it possible for anyone to make an app. Appy Pie’s app builder has managed to democratize technology by making app development affordable and accessible to businesses of all scope, size, and potential.

An app builder can do wonders for those that have no experience with coding and are more of business users. The platform lets you make apps without having to spend months in learning coding and programming. As a WYSIWYG platform, this easy to use app builder is perfect for everyone, irrespective of their technical prowess, previous experience with app development, or the size of the budget they can allocate to the project.

Using app creators like Appy Pie, citizen developers can actually contribute to the business taking the mounting load off of the IT department, while ensuring that a shadow IT does not take root in your company. An intuitive app creator like this, goes a long way in making cutting edge technology accessible to everyone, thus ensuring an inclusive growth instead of widening the gap that exists between the new entrants and established big players.

Appy Pie App Maker allows you to develop Android, iPhone and PWA app in one go and connect with all your customers. You can choose all the features that are relevant to your customers. Appy Pie App Builder software lets you create your mobile app without any coding. Here are some features that you can leverage using our free app maker: