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Recommend Your App On Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo  And 60,000 Apps

Grow Your Business With Personalized App Recommendations

The Ultimate Way to Interact and Monetize

Establish personalized engagements with apps and services that users need most, delivered when they need them, resulting in new engagement and monetization opportunities. When top apps compete to be displayed to your users – you win, engage and earn.


Get Your App Discovered With Top OEMs

Recommending Users With The Apps They Need Throughout Their Daily Mobile Journey

The Appnext discovery platform powers 4B personalized app recommendations daily via 60 Thousand different apps through exclusive in-app and on-device placements, representing an exciting new layer of app discovery experience.

OEMs & Operators

Monetize & Engage While Providing A Powerful Mobile Experience

The Ultimate Way to Interact and Monetize

We empower you to become an active partner by building a relationship with your customers and changing the way they interact and experience life with your device. Appnext offers users a shortcut to frequently-used or new mobile services they want to explore while you generate revenue.