AskNicely – Make Every Customer Experience Awesome

Measure every customer experience, motivate your frontline teams, increase repeat business and referrals.

Measure Every Customer Experience

The simplest way to gather, understand, and act on customer feedback, based on the NPS® framework.

Motivate Your Frontline Teams

Use customer feedback to recognize, coach and engage your teams with an app that fits in their pocket.

Win More Repeat Business and Referrals

Identify what your best performers do and use it to lift the performance of the rest of your teams. All tied to real growth metrics.

Welcome to the Experience Economy.

Old school marketing just doesn’t work anymore. People now choose your product (or don’t) based on what your customers say about it, not what you say. The new playbook for growth is built on repeat , happy customers that spend more over time and recommend your product to others.

Our mission is to help businesses drive customer happiness by collecting feedback directly after an experience (based on the NPS framework) and enabling your people to take action immediately.

Thousands of businesses around the globe use AskNicely to improve their customer experience and drive customer retention, revenue expansion and referrals. And we get awesome feedback from them – our own NPS is 71.2 and we’re consistently ranked as a leading customer feedback software on G2 Crowd.