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Get the Best Organic Rankings on Google with Backlink Beast

Do you want your website to appear on Google’s top search results? If yes, you should use Backlink Beast. Link diversity is essential for any website to survive in this cut-throat competition. And Backlink Beast offers hands-off link diversity by building tons of links from Web 2.0 Sites, Social Networking Sites, Press Release Submissions, Web 2.0 Profile Links, Document Sharing Sites, RSS Link Promotion, and Social Bookmarking Submissions.

It crawls through thousands of custom sites on platforms like WordPress, BuddyPress, Social Engine, and Oxwall to help your site with link diversity. It’s the best way to outrank your competitors irrespective of any new Google updates.

Unleash the Backlink Beast and get the Google Rankings you need to succeed with this innovative Link Building Software. Offering vast link diversity, Backlink Beast builds reputable links from reputable sources such as Social Media Site Submissions, Press Release Submissions, RSS Link Promotions, Web 2.0 Article Sites, and thousands of custom sites supported by WordPress and BuddyPress.
As a fully automated link building program, Backlink Beast is easy to use. It works behind the scenes, creating thousands of links with automatic account creation, content submissions, anchor text diversity, and link reports, which you can generate after every successful submission.

Get #1 Google Rankings for highly competitive keywords and outrank the “Big Boy” companies regardless of any new Google updates

Penguin and Panda safe and effective – enormous link diversity

Post Panda and Penguin, link diversity is no longer an option… it’s REQUIRED! Backlink Beast can provide more “hands off” link diversity than any other program on the market.

Backlink Beast automates your link diversity by building you THOUSANDS of links from…
Social Network Site Submissions
Web 2.0 Article Sites
Social Bookmarking Submissions
PDF and Document Sharing Sites
Web 2.0 Profile Links
Press Release Submissions
RSS Link Promotion
1000’s of Custom Sites built on platforms such as BuddyPress, Drupal, WordPress, Oxwall, Social Engine, and more!

Keep out of Google’s crosshairs, and relax knowing that YOU are in complete control of your linking and rankings! Use Backlink Beast to automate these link tiers.

Protect your money site while hammering it with reputable links from what we call “buffer links”. These buffer links act as barriers to any potential over-optimization of using too many exact match target keywords in the links to your money site. Essentially, the link tiers act as a “buffer” for your money site!

And THIS is how to protect your money site. Do NOT hammer away at your money site like we did back in the day with nothing but our target keywords. Those days are long gone!
Here’s a quick example… First build links to your money site using “URL as anchor text” or generic keywords as anchor text, from a few higher quality submissions in Backlink Beast. We’ll call this Tier B links.

From there, auto-build tons of other links using your target keywords, and variations of them to your Tier B links (controlling the anchor text used within Backlink Beast). We’ll call these Tier A links. You can even take it further and build even more new links to your Tier A links… and so on…