Botify is an enterprise SEO crawler that helps you find hidden content on business websites and blogs. Most websites today have so much content that it’s almost impossible to go through it all in one session. Some content is usually hard to reach because of various factors such as the year and date it was published, the web page it was posted on and many others. Botify helps digital marketers to crawl websites with large amounts of content for optimal search engine indexing.

Botify is an SEO crawler that also helps website owners and digital marketers optimize hidden content and resources on their websites.

Botify is an Organic Search Analytics Tool used by over 500 enterprise companies worldwide. A unified suite of software, it merges Technical SEO with Content Evaluation and Real Rankings to help your website succeed on the search engines. As 57% of all traffic is now mobile, Botify helps businesses become more mobile friendly by optimizing their websites for mobile, desktop, and tablet audiences.
Key features of Botify include Content Evaluation, Content Strategy Building, Ranking Performance, Project Management, and Keyword Research. It is setting new standards in Organic Search Analytics by delivering stronger performances and faster results. Visit the Botify website and request a demo to find out more.

Join the New Standard in Organic Search Analytics.
500 enterprise companies have already adopted Botify to lead their SEO efforts.

Crush Your Technical SEO
Technical SEO has never been so critical to the organic search process.

Discover how the world’s leading SEO crawler and log analyzer can help you get the most of it.

Evaluate Your Content Like a Search Engine
Ascendant technologies such as AMP, structured data, and mobile devices have all impacted the content quality analysis of search engines, while fundamentals such as content uniqueness, duplication and similarity continue to play impactful roles.

Base Content Strategy On Search Trending, Devices, and Location
5 billion queries are made everyday on Google. Botify helps you build your content strategy based on what people are actually searching for, when they search for it, and where they search from, turning those queries into clicks and revenue.

Measure and Boost Your Organic Traffic and Revenue
With 93% of all online experiences starting through a search engine, along with search (organic and paid) overtaking social as the largest source of referral traffic, business leaders are looking for ways to protect this valuable channel. Learn how Botify can help you secure ROI for all your organic channels.

Be Mobile-First
57% of traffic is now mobile, Google is deploying its mobile-first index, publishers and retailers are embracing the AMP wave, mobile load time performance is becoming a ranking signal, and much more. Discover how Botify helps SEO teams to build mobile into their SEO DNA.