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National insurance company increased leads for agents by 73% using paid social media campaigns and programmatic display

Global telecom company increased brand awareness across a 10,000 media placement, $6M media spend, in cross-location, omnichannel campaign

National manufacturing company established brand preference and grew 200% in conversions with a 30% savings in cost per conversion

Identify gaps and discover tactics to improve your Local Marketing Maturity Score
Improving your local marketing maturity can impact revenue growth by 2x.

Our research of over 1,000 local marketing partners indicates a relationship between marketing maturity and business outcomes.

Local partners at the highest level of maturity demonstrate two times higher revenue growth.

The 2019 State of Local Marketing Report identifies the top trends and opportunities in local marketing.

Discover your local marketing maturity in 10 minutes or less.

Our free assessment provides you with a personalized snapshot of your local marketing maturity, including:

BrandMuscle Marketing Maturity Matrix Stage
Top growth priorities
Competency dimension scores
Best practices and recommendations