Brandwatch is the perfect tool for any business looking to get a better understanding of their brand’s perception online. By tracking billions of conversations happening on social media each day, Brandwatch gives you deep insights into consumer trends, influencers, and more. With proprietary web crawler technology that extracts content from websites, blogs, news forums, video sites, Twitter, Facebook, image sites, and review sites – Brandwatch has everything you need to make informed decisions about your brand’s marketing strategy.

They also have some of the most insightful Brand reports

Brandwatch is an effective social media analytical tool that could track billions of conversations happening on these platforms every day. It tracks conversations on websites, blogs, news forums, video sites, Twitter, Facebook, image sites, and review sites. Brands can understand consumer insights, brand perception, trends, and influencers thanks to this software system. The tool uses proprietary web crawler technology to obtain content from these mediums. It searches through more than 80 million pages each day. The search-index technology will place the content in the index so your clients can search them by words. The software relies on natural language processing technology to analyze the sentiments of the clients.

A new kind of intelligence
Our products bring structure and meaning to the voices of billions of people, so you can make decisions that truly fit with consumer and buyer needs.

Track brand health in real-time.
Stay confident in your brand perception. Monitor changes in sentiment, understand customer opinions, and track fluctuations in brand health.

Know what your customers think.
Drive a consumer-first culture by monitoring the customer journey and distributing insights directly to your organisation.

Create authentic personalized content.
Ensure original, personalized content reaches your target audience, and connect with them on topics they find relevant.

Benchmark your performance.
Monitor share of voice and benchmark key metrics against your competitors to inform strategies, uncover opportunities, and detect risks.

Optimize your influencer strategy.
Increase audience engagement by identifying and tracking top influencers and micro-influencers for your consumer base.

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