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Two solutions to supercharge your sales team
Find new leads and update your existing
CRM contacts with verified data

Find new leads from our pool of
36 million verified, updated contacts

Update your existing CRM

Append your CRM with new information

Build a custom database

Automate your LinkedIn
Sales Navigator prospecting

Send personalized, automated
LinkedIn InMails & messages

Automate network building

Build a custom database

Connect with custom templates


Boost sales and save time with accurate, qualified B2B leads.
It’s not enough to have more leads – you also need better leads.

YesData is a world class business database that delivers B2B sales leads into your CRM with more than 3 million companies with 36 million contacts, email addresses and full company profiles.

With YesData, you can find thousands of new leads within seconds and take action right away. Use filters like company name, job title location industry and LinkedIn profile and seamlessly import your targeted leads into your CRM.

YesData enables you to append and enhance your existing data quickly with one click. You can clean contacts individually or in bulk ensuring your customer data is always complete and up-to-date.

Make selling more efficient
Get instant access to new customers and prospects. Instead of spending time searching for the right contact and then manually entering them into your CRM, you can spend your time selling.

Clean data is valuable data
The value of a leads database hinges on its accuracy. It doesn’t matter how many leads you have: if they are inaccurate, they won’t be usable. Thankfully, YesData’s database provides you with data quality and quantity.

Lead Generation
Instant access to accurate contacts

36 million contact database

Append your old contacts with new information.

Social Media
Build custom databases from LinkedIn profiles

Increase number of LinkedIn connections

Increase profile views

The Power of Automation
Download your leads in seconds

Visit hundreds of profiles per day

Builds leads & social media connections

This is YesData
No contract

Excellent customer service

Fair pricing


Fully automate your prospecting on LinkedIn with Inchworm.
Meet Inchworm – an innovative automation tool that allows you harness the incredible marketing power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

With just a few clicks, you can easily visit hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, export the profile details, auto-connect, auto-message contacts with custom message templates, and build custom databases. We’ll give you an inch – how far you take it is up to you!

Automate network building
Inchworm helps you build a strong network of LinkedIn connections. The details of these automated visits can then be exported and viewed in a CSV file.


Connect with custom templates
Inchworm allows you to build custom message templates and then auto-connect and auto-message.

Create a custom database
Inchworm helps you build a strong network of LinkedIn connections. The details of these automated visits can then be exported and viewed in a CSV file.


Target leads faster
Target new leads and prospects instantly using Inchworm’s sales automation. Inchworm will transform the way your sales team sells.