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Ads Revenue Platform

BridTV partners up with Google ADX and other top-tier ad providers to help you enhance your monetization strategy by utilizing our tags. Set up an account, expand, monetize and stay ahead of the competition.

White Label Video Platform

Designed with simplicity in mind, our White Label solution enables you to run your own online video platform with maximum ROI and minimum hassle.

Header Bidding with Prebid and SpotX

Implement video Header Bidding to boost overall revenue, gain reduced latency, improve CPM, and more.

Who We Are

BridTV is a fast-growing technology company and enterprise-level video monetization solution. Owing to our powerful HTML5 player, high-spec video platform, and content management system, we are now devoted to helping our publishers grow and monetize their respective audiences. With offices based in Los Angeles (US) and Belgrade (SER), BridTV is swiftly climbing toward the very summit of online video publishing and advertising.