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Checkbot finds critical SEO, speed & security problems before your website visitors do

Tests 100s of pages at once for broken links, duplicate titles, invalid HTML, insecure pages and 50+ other checks.

Are you following web best practices? Checkbot will let you know

Checkbot can crawl 100s of pages in minutes for broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML, insecure forms and more.
Check your site is following 50+ best practices recommended by Google, Mozilla, W3C and other web experts.

SEO tests

  • Fix all broken page links
  • Use unique page titles
  • Eliminate duplicate pages
  • Use valid HTML, CSS & JS
  • Avoid temporary redirects
  • Use human readable URLs

Speed tests

  • Eliminate redirects chains
  • Avoid inlining CSS & JS
  • Minify CSS & JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable server compression
  • Avoid render blocking scripts

Security tests

  • Use HTTPS on all pages
  • Avoid mixed content errors
  • Secure password forms
  • Enable HSTS preload
  • Turn on XSS protection
  • Disable type sniffing