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Cocolyze is a feature-rich SEO tool that can help you track your website’s ranking on various search engines, identify popular keywords and generate traffic from those keywords, optimize your website, keep track of your competitors and so much more. The main objective of the inventors of this tool was to make SEO easy. This tool can be used by anybody, be it a novice or a professional online marketer. Cocolyze’s main feature is its powerful keyword tracking solution that helps you identify, monitor and optimize your most crucial keywords. This digital marketing tool also comes with a free backlink monitoring tool, which is both intelligent and easy to use.

Can your customers find you easily on Google?
Identify and generate traffic on valuable keywords, optimize your website or track your competitors,
Cocolyze helps you boosting your business !

Cocolyze provides SEO Solutions for individuals, businesses, agencies, and web developers. Packed with more than 70 features to improve your Google Website Ranking, this innovative software includes SEO Rank Tracking, Website Optimization Analysis, Competitor Tracking, and Backlinks Monitoring, which you can use on any website.
Fully scalable to grow with your business, Cocolyze SEO Software is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. It uses analysis algorithms, developed using reliable SEO databases such as Google, to analyze and optimize your pages, and it has a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate with ease. You can try it for free for up to 30-days and watch your Google ranking soar.

The most efficient SEO Solution
All-in-one. Easy to use. Scalable. For every website.

The SEO solution for your Google website ranking
The all-in-one SEO Solution: rank tracking, SEO page optimization, backlinks, etc.

67% of rank drops are fixed thanks to Cocolyze.

SEO Rank Tracking
Track your visibility on Google.
Everyday, all around the world.

Website optimization analysis
Analyze and optimize your pages.
On any website. On Mobile and Desktop

Backlink checker and watch
Analyze and watch your backlinks.
Remove toxic links and recover lost links.

Competitor tracking
Track any competitor’s changes.
Up to 20 competitors/website.

More than 78 features easy to use in only one SEO Software.

Easy interface Reliable data Powerful features
Cocolyze is the SEO software for businesses and agencies, from beginners to advanced experts.

Why you lose thousands of visitors from Google everyday
Using an SEO Software allows you to monitor your visibility and find a solution for your optimization.

SEO is a competition where rules don’t exist.
This would be so simple…everyone wants the first place in Google. Unfortunately there is no official rule except from being better than your competitors. The only solution is to use SEO Software which measures and analyzes different aspects of SEO website optimization.There are many factors influencing your optimization: your content quality, your website performance, importance of competition, the number of links (backlinks) towards your site and your visitor’s behavior.

You need data and algorithms to know how to react.
To understand why a website is ranked in front of another in Google you need to analyze several dozens of criteria over hundreds of data. For example, the 843 content keywords on a page, its 1542 links, the rank history ove the last 3 months, the 100 sites ranked on the same keywords, etc, all that everyday and on all keywords that you wish to rank upon.

If you don’t improve, your competitors will pass in front of you.
A website doesn’t rank in first place in Google indefinitely. Your competitors try to take your place everyday, and you could completely disappear from Google if you don’t react. You need to spy on your competitors, anticipate their strategy and react quickly. SEO is still the top source of traffic for internet sites today, and therefore their revenue.