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Columbo comes with a tracking tool that examines your website to report flaws that’s holding your site from getting a better ranking in search engines. It monitors every activity of your website around the clock and offers in-depth evaluation so that you can improve various aspects, such as page load speed, incorrect links, and over-usage of keywords.

Columbo gives you a chance to set up your website audit in three simple steps. Choose the tracking tools available on this site, select the daily limit of your scans, and set the homepage URL. This site not only audits your website but also tracks data that corresponds with your specifications.

Is your Web Analytics data correct?
Columbo will find out for you
Try Columbo now and detect tracking errors through 100 free scans

Columbo collects all relevant tracking information on your website with very little configuration
Tracking errors and failures are easily and quickly detected
Columbo can analyse and monitor complicated tracking setups as well
Columbo detects the most common errors for you
Double TaggingDuplicate ContentWrong Tracking IDsMissing Tracking ParametersSlow Loading PagesDead links
Large websites quickly checked for tracking coverage
Columbo examines your website for tracking tools and checks which tracking requests are being sent. Especially for large websites it quickly becomes obvious where untracked pages are

Find out more about Audits

Test important processes on your website
Columbo checks sequences like adding products to the cart or the checkout process of your shop for smooth implementation and correct tracking

What would you like to test?
Every single step only gets defined once in Columbo
How often should Scenarios get tested?
Scenarios are getting automatically checked regularly — hourly, daily, weekly
What if the Scenario fails?
Columbo sends notifications whether and where a Scenario fails exactly
Learn more about Scenarios
How to find your first Test result?
1. Register with your email
2. Type in the URL of your website
3. Select a tracking tool and start to scan

The first results are available after a few minutes
100 Scans for free
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